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Our shared vision is that KU is a richly diverse place for all of us to participate and engage in a welcoming environment where everyone feels that their contributions and experiences are valued. To achieve and maintain a climate of belonging, we must be intentional about our collective planning and action to assure change and growth at all levels of the university.

To support planning and curation of inclusive communities in local units and programs, we offer two guidance documents. The KU DEIB Planning Worksheet (pdf) provides support for developing a shared vision as well as mission, goals, strategies, and action plans for advancing DEIB in your unit or program, one that aligns with KU values and our campus DEIB vision. The companion document, Realizing Goals and Strategies for Advancing DEIB (pdf), provides illustrative goals and potential strategies to consider as you develop a plan that fits the aims, resources, and context of your unit. Additionally, please visit the Action Cycle for guidance on how to take action to change the conditions for DEIB.


DEIB Resources—Campus-Wide DEIB Partners

Research, Teaching, and Learning Resources

Below you will find resources on diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging to advance learning in our classrooms.


KU Libraries

Here you will find specific lists and databases that can help you expand your knowledge of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging in your disciplinary areas of research or interest.


International Resources

Diversity is a broad topic that includes global perspectives. Please explore our campus resources to broaden your understanding of diversity from a transnational perspective.


Campus Partners

Please explore the programs and engagement offerings that our standing partners provide for our campus. The Office of DEIB provides commitment to these partners to support their ongoing work to curate a culture of belonging at the university and to advance discourse and literacy around diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging at KU.


Performance Resources

Below you will find resources on diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging to explore discourses through the use of performance.