Student models on campus.

What is the DEIB Toolbox?

The DEIB Toolbox provides support for campus efforts to promote diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging in your department or unit, and throughout the KU campus.

We invite usage of the DEIB Toolbox from all campus community members including students, staff, faculty, and campus administrators. Consistent with KU’s RISE framework, all campus members are charged with making KU an inclusive campus which creates opportunities and experiences for all Jayhawks to thrive and to present as their whole selves. We want to ensure that our polices, practices and procedures align with our actions and desired outcomes.

We encourage you to ask your units to share their DEIB/RISE plan with you. If you are in a unit that does not have a plan, feel free to share the DEIB Toolbox. Working together, you can develop and implement a plan to assure that all Jayhawks feel valued and supported.

The DEIB Toolbox serves as collective commons where we can locate tools, resources, campus experts, liaisons and support systems to facilitate campus change and growth. Working together, we can achieve intellectual and cultural excellence—where multiple, unique perspectives come together towards the common goal of strengthening inclusion and belonging at KU.

Who is the Toolbox for?

This DEIB Toolbox intended as a resource for Campus leaders (administrators, deans, departments chairs, directors, etc.), faculty (Tenured, TT and non-TT teaching faculty), staff (academic and non-academic), and students (undergraduate, graduate and graduate assistants/graduate researchers). We are all part of making our KU campus safe and inclusive for all.

  • For leaders, we provide tips and tools to help guide your annual unit-level planning.
  • For faculty and staff, we offer resources to help you strengthen DEIB in your teaching, research, and service.
  • For undergraduate students, we provide guidance to enhance your leadership and experience; as well as identifying who the leaders are in your unit, including Equity Advisors, who can help guide your study and engagement in making the campus a welcoming place for all of us.
  • For graduate students, we provide resources for your learning enrichment and teaching, as well as campus-wide resources that increase your quality of life and sense of belonging at KU as you prepare for academic and non-academic careers and post-graduate degree study.

We charge all of the campus to engage in a DEIB “action cycle”. This can start with organizing a DEI committee/team in your unit (school, department, center, or organization). This team can lead and coordinate the unit-led design and implementation of a DEIB action plan that centers equity and belonging as a common goal.

Using a common toolbox, we can build a culture at KU where all of us make sure that everyone is valued. Building from the ground up, each unit will be an integral part of defining and achieving campus excellence and inclusion.