The front of Strong Hall on the university campus.

Being an administrator takes many forms in a Research I (RI) institution.  From department chairs and center directors to supervisory grounds keepers, associate deans, and vice provosts, administrators help keep the infrastructure of the university operating while helping students, staff, and faculty reach their goals. Administrators at KU are dedicated to providing equitable experiences that are achieved through transparent communication, shared governance opportunities, clear institutional goals, and fair policies  that empower students, staff, and faculty to help cultivate a culture where each Jayhawk feels valued. Our university strategic plan, Jayhawks Rising, charges us all to deliver quality teaching, research, and service; with fiscal responsibility and excellence that is rooted in our campus code of ethical conduct. RISE, one of our core foundations, makes a commitment to all Jayhawks that our administration will engage in intersectional approaches that reflect the rich cultural and intellectual diversity of the state and the world.

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